Image Classification
Machine Learning Classification Tool
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  • Number Of Parameters
    22 million
  • Accuracy
    94.5% Top-5 Accuracy
  • Human Definitions
    Detailed Results
  • Depth
Coming Soon
ML For Pneumonia
Single image chest X-Ray
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  • Powerful AI
    Complex models
  • Real Time
    Custom images
  • Learning
    Feature extraction
  • Visualized
    Simple results
Sentiment Analysis
Complex Text Analysis
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  • Raw Performance
    Emoji Detection
  • Real Time
    Custom Text
  • Key Characteristics
    Text Analysis
  • DATA
    To Train

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Artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data.

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Robust, complex, and well trained models provided & powered by Reflect Labs

What Is Reflect Labs?

Reflect Labs built the classification lab to combat the abstraction of powerful tools to only those who have a Machine Learning background.

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